Toddy Coffee Maker

A Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Toddy is one of very few systems for producing cold brewed coffee. It has been around since 1964. It is very popular with coffee addicts who like to cold brew their coffee.

Toddy cold brew coffee maker One advantage of the Toddy system is convenience. You make the coffee concentrate only once every 2 weeks. Once you have the concentrate you just dilute it with hot water or milk and that's it. And it's extremely convenient for making iced coffee drinks.

The system is easy to use. You can read how to use the Toddy coffee maker on the Toddy website.

So, what's the coffee like?

As with all cold brewing systems, the coffee made in Toddy is quite different than the coffee make by hot brewing. Here are some of the main differences.

Some tips

The Toddy coffee maker is the most popular cold brew system around. It has very good customer reviews. Sure, a few people feel that it is better to cold brew coffee in an ordinary jar, but most users agree that the Toddy system makes the brewing much simpler and less messy - and that the coffee from Toddy just tastes better.

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