Vacuum Coffee Maker

Cool Way to Brew Great Coffee

Yama Vacuum Coffee Maker Vacuum coffee maker must be the coolest way to brew coffee. In addition it brews a superior cup of coffee. The coffee is a bit like the one made in French press but it does not have any sediment in it.

There are many different names for these devices - vac pots, vacuum coffee machines, vacuum coffee brewers or siphon coffee makers to name just a few. Vacuum brewers are very popular in Japan.

Common Brewers

Most of the vacuum brewers have the two containers sitting one on top of the other with the siphon tube connecting them.

There are only a few affordable and easily available models: Bodum Santos, Yama and Cona. I have a separate page about Bodum vacuum coffee makers, so I'll talk only about Yama and Cona in here.

Yama vacuum brewer
Yama is probably the cheapest vacuum coffee pot that you can get. It is manufactured by Yama Glass in Taiwan. It is a very practical stove top vacuum brewer. Yama uses a cloth filter you fit over a metal assembly.

Cona vacuum brewer
Cona is one of the most elegant vacuum brewers around. It is certainly the most beautiful one out of the vac pots I talk about on this website. You make the coffee directly at the table using the included spirit lamp (it runs on denatured alcohol). If it's only you and your spouse around then brewing the coffee in Cona makes your dinner really romantic. Cona has a glass filter - so the coffee never touches anything but glass. You can get Cona either in chrome or in gold finish.

Balance Brewers

If you are a vacuum brewing enthusiast, you may want to check some of the balance brewers like Royal or Il Cafetino. They are fun to watch (this link will open a new window with a video from YouTube).

Where to get a vacuum brewer

Bodum Santos, Yama and Cona are fairly easy to get on places like amazon. It's more difficult with the balance brewers - you may need to order some of them from Belgium. I think that eBay is the best place to look for vacuum brewers especially if you are after models that are not easily available (or if you just want to save some cash).

You can find the old vacpots like Cory, Sunbeam, Kent, Silex or Hario quite often and sometimes you can get a real bargain. You can also find some really rare balance brewers from time to time.

The problem with searching for vacuum brewers on eBay is that you just don't know what to search for since vacpots are called so many different names. I have spent quite some time putting together a query that brings back the vacuum coffee brewers without a lot of undesirable items. You may want to have a look and bookmark the query that I use to search for vacuum brewers on eBay.

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