Voltage Valet Quick Café II – Travel Coffeemaker Review

by Robert
(Branson, Missouri )

I purchased this travel coffee maker because it was light and the cup was decent sized. I use this only when traveling and it packs away in a nice compact package. Hotel coffee is usually unreliable and often unavailable when I get up and continue my trip early. I use this travel coffee maker only on trips because getting a decent cup of coffee at 4 am is difficult and I normally drive early. That first cup of coffee is what gets me going.

The booklet promised it would make a cup of coffee in about 7 to 10 minutes. I did have some problems getting the coffee strong enough for my taste; the basket is small and will not hold much more than a tablespoon. I switched to a stronger flavored coffee and what resulted was a very good cup of hot coffee in around 10 minutes. My only real concern with this travel coffee maker is I worry about the light plastic breaking. However, it has not yet and I did buy it because it was light. I have yet to use the dual voltage ability on it but when I do, I will have to buy an adapter because it is not included.

Voltage Valet Quick Café IIEditor's note

The Voltage Valet Quick Café II is a small and light travel coffee maker with good customer reviews. Most users recommend the product and some provide useful suggestions about making the most out of it. So if you decide to get this travel coffee maker, make sure to read the reviews.

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