Zojirushi Fresh Brew Thermal Coffee Maker

by Kyle

I definitely can't get through a morning without coffee, and when my last coffee maker stopped working, I knew I needed a new one fast. Upon the recommendation of some friends, I decided to give the Zojirushi Fresh Brew coffee maker a try, and I hoped it would last a bit longer than my last coffee pot.

Although I thought that $90 was a bit steep for a coffee maker, I figured if it would last and provide me with my morning coffee without fail, it would be a great investment.

One of the main things I love about this coffee maker is the special thermal carafe that it uses instead of a glass one. This means that the coffee stays hot for hours, even if you turn off the coffee burner. The coffee never gets scorched either, which is another big bonus.

Another big pro that I've found with the Zojirushi Fresh Brew coffee maker is how quiet it is. I can program it to turn on in the mornings and it barely makes a sound. I also find it easy to clean, which is important to me.

Although I like most things about this coffee maker, there are a couple of cons. The spout on the thermal carafe is pretty small, which means you have to pour the coffee slowly or you end up spilling it. Another problem is that you really can't set the pot to do a small batch of coffee. Also, since the coffee maker is so tall, I can't store it under the cabinets in the kitchen, so it has to be kept in an area where there are not cabinets above it.

For the most part, I'm thrilled with this coffee maker and love having warm coffee for hours to drink. Sure, there are a few cons too, but in the end, it is a coffee maker I would recommend to others.

Zojirushi coffee makerEditor's note

Zojirushi Fresh Brew is a relatively inexpensive thermal coffee maker. It is is supposed to keep your coffee hot for a long time and it is also fully programmable. It has got very good reviews.

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Jun 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your review. I was wondering how noisy this coffee maker is (my old one was waking everyone up in the mornings). You have answered my question - thanks.

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